Keyword research for SEO Content Writing - On-Site SEO

Keyword research for SEO Content Writing  - On-Site SEO

Keyword research for SEO Content Writing  - On-Site SEO

 Keyword research for SEO Content Writing

I believe that the best way to get free traffic from Google with SEO is by practising and applying SEO on your website. So I wanted to make this course special. What I'm going to do simply is together I will show you how I will create an article on my blog and apply all the SEO concepts on. So I will optimise it, I will do keyword research, I will get backlinks and everything else. And you will see like in one month, how my article will start getting free traffic from Google, maybe in less than one month.

Keyword research for SEO Content Writing  - On-Site SEO

How to Find the Best Keywords Practically

So this section two of my full SEO Masters series please. If you didn't watch part one, it's very important to pause the video. Now go and watch it. It's in the description below or somewhere here on the screen. Go and watch it and then come back here to continue with us.

Stay tuned and follow up with me.

Hi everyone. I'm Hussain from On Site SEO and today we are following our SEO Mastery series. In this video, I will talk about keyword research. Step one in your SEO process, I will do everything practically to learn and practice. To sum up in only 20 seconds what we talked about in part one.

Keyword Research For SEO

Simply, SEO is about applying some techniques to rank your website and your articles on top of Google to get free organic traffic. SEO is about three steps. Number one, keyword research, selecting the correct keywords. Then on page SEO which is optimising your website and your articles for that keywords. Then off page SEO which means getting backlinks and other stuff that we'll talk about later in this series.

So now we are going to go in deep in step number one indeed. And in short, so like in ten minutes you'll get the full idea and apply it. So let's start together. But PZ four, don't forget if you want to get every new update from my channel, don't forget to subscribe now and turn on notifications. And please don't forget the video to support me and my channel.

So let's start together with keyword research and selecting the correct keywords. Okay friends. So let's start simply. On my YouTube channel I have some case studies about affiliate marketing where I showed step by step how I made money online, affiliate marketing and like three or four case studies. The idea now is I want to transform one of these video into an article on my blog.

Keyword Research Tool

Here is my blog. I want to add a new post. So I simply go to new here and click on Add post.

That's simple. By the way, in my case I'm using WordPress and this is my blog.

If you are new here, and before you ask me if you are looking for how to create a blog like

this one, I have a full video here on my channel. You can check it and create a blog like mine.

Exactly If you like the theme or whatever. So here I am.

I want to create a new post in my blog. So what is the post about? It's about affiliate marketing case

studies. So what I will do now simply which is step one in SEO is to start searching for keywords about

affiliate marketing case studies. Okay, so step one is keyword research.

Let's find some keywords. By the way, in this course I will use only three tools. You are not required to

use any paid or premium tool. Everything will be free. Just follow up with me and learn how to rank and

get free traffic from Google.

So the first step is go to, my free SEO and Digital marketing tools. What we are going

to use in this video is mainly two or three tools from this list. Go to YouTube section here and click on

the YouTube keyword tool. YouTube why? Just follow up and you will see why.

Keyword Planner Tool

Then go to SEO and open the keyword research tool. So now we have YouTube and Keyword Research

and then go to SEO again, answer and open the questions. Explorer Tool okay, as I told you, my article is

about affiliate marketing case studies. Now in your case, I don't know what your article is about, but you

can follow the same steps and use the same tools. The first thing I will do is go to the YouTube keyword


Why? Simply because this tool can give you suggestions about topics and different keyword ideas.

You will see how now. So as an example, I will say affiliate marketing and click on Search. That's simple.

Now in this tool, forget about the search volume and difficulty, just look at the keywords.

We want to get some ideas on what keywords people are searching for so we can get these ideas and

create an article about. So let's look here. Affiliate Marketing for Beginners affiliate Marketing Tutorial

how to start Affiliate Marketing affiliate Marketing in 2020 so we can see I have a lot of keyword ideas,

not only autocomplete or whatever, we have ideas if you go down Amazon Affiliate how to make passive

income. So you see we have around 232 keyword ideas.

So this tool is really perfect for content research and finding keyword ideas. Okay? So in my case,

I want to talk about affiliate marketing case studies. So I will say case study as an example and click on

Search. Let's see now we have Affiliate Marketing case study and by the way, you can look at the

monthly volume on YouTube just to have an idea on how much people are interested.So we have like

2000 searches somehow. Good for a beginner. Very nice. Go down. Affiliate marketing for beginners.

Free Keyword Tool

So in this way we can find a list of keywords. You can collect keyword ideas. Okay, so what you are

going to do now is open a notepad or Excel file and simply like just select some keywords from here for

example, those keywords and click on Copy and then go to Notepad and paste them here. So you will

have a list of keyword ideas. Okay?

Now, after you get some keyword ideas, the next step is to filter them out and see the SEO difficulty.

How difficult it is to rank on Google and how much is the monthly search volume on Google.

So here it comes, the second tool, which is the Keyword Research tool. As an example, I will copy the

first keyword here. I will copy it and paste in the free Keyword Research Tool.

And click on Search. And by the way, I updated the Edge super tool. So now we can get the SEO

difficulty directly from here. Okay, let's check the captcha. Click on Search and it's very nice.

Best Keyword Research Tool

You can see now we have like 260 searches per month on this keyword.

Now you may tell me this is very low. Please focus well, I will explain everything. No, it's not very low

and it's perfect for you as a beginner. I will tell you now why and I will calculate how much traffic you

can get with such keywords.

Just follow up. Now, we have a small problem. The SEO difficulty is not available. What it says is not

available. So it's mostly a low competitive keyword.

So the difficulty is not available. So you don't have high difficulty on this keyword. You don't have

enough information to be more accurate. Anyway, just to confirm this, I will show you that this result is

true. I will open a paid service.

Don't need to use it. Just to show you that it's true, I will go to Keyword Research here and click on

Keyword Overview. I will search for this keyword. Click on search this python. By the way, as I told you,

don't use this tool.

You are not required to do this. I'm just showing that the keyword difficulty is here. Zero. You can see.

So we don't have information about this keyword even on Premium tools.

So mostly, this keyword has a low competition keyword. So I will copy it and put it here. Maybe I will use

this keyword as my main keyword for my article. It looks perfect. Now you may tell me it's only 260

searches per month.

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