4 Advantage of using Search Engines (SEO)

 4 Advantage of using Search Engines (SEO)

4 Advantage of using Search Engines (SEO)

Advantage of using Search Engines (SEO)

4 Advantage of using Search Engines (SEO)

Advantages and disadvantages of search engine

Website SEO can stand out in the competition with keyword advertising and attract the attention of customers. It must have its inherent charm. As one of the main search engine marketing methods, SEO not only has the advantages of search engine marketing but also With its unique advantages, we will study the basics related to SEO.

Search Engines (SEO): Advantage

1. Increased website traffic

The best thing about SEO is that your website ranks high in search results. The website that enters the homepage will get a certain amount of traffic. Even better, sites in the top five search results in a search engine get more.

2. Lower cost

From a certain point of view, website SEO is a "free" search engine marketing method. For personal websites, as long as the webmaster has a certain search engine optimization technology, for enterprises, the cost mainly comes from the salary of employees engaged in search optimization or hiring professional search engine optimization. expenses incurred by the company.

3. Persistence

Under normal circumstances, the ranking effect of websites adjusted by regular search engine optimization methods will be relatively stable. Not much will change unless the search engine algorithm changes significantly or a formidable competitor catches up

No risk of "invalid clicks": we don't have to pay for it, whether it's a potential customer or a competitor who clicks on our site. Although SEO has many advantages, it is dependent on the search engine, there will also be some insurmountable difficulties such as long construction time uncertainty, passivity, etc.

4. Have a better website

To rank high in search engines, your website must be built correctly. This means that your website structure must be easy to use and easy to navigate. If you have a great website that keeps your visitors here while directing them straight to conversion, then you have a successful website.

Search Engines (SEO): Disadvantages

1. Long construction time

It usually takes 2-6 months from the beginning of optimizing the website to achieving the target ranking in the search results of a certain keyword.

For very competitive keywords, it may take a year or even longer (the length of the website optimization time mainly depends on the level of competition and operation of the selected keywords, as well as some uncertain factors of the search engine itself)

2. Uncertainty

A search engine optimizer is not the designer of the search engine or has anything to do with it. Therefore, it cannot guarantee to customers that the website can achieve the specified ranking on the search result of a certain keyword within the specified time.

Search engines have their way of processing, and the calculation method is constantly being updated. Even the best SEO experts have to keep up with changing algorithms. If you find a company that promises you or promises you'll rank high in search engines, then you might want to question them.

3. Passivity

The search engine will improve the algorithm from time to time, which requires us to adjust the website in time to meet the new algorithm so that we can enjoy the benefits brought by the search engine for a long time. Increased opportunity to showcase your product or service to target customers

4. Unable to control exposure

After SEO, when your website enters the correct keywords, it will be correctly searched by search engines. This is a good thing. The so-called uncontrollable exposure means that you cannot filter the results that customers can view, which means that your business may become overloaded and get overwhelmed by a large number of requests before they are ready to handle requests.


Create the best content for your users first (while keeping search engines in mind) and you'll have traffic. If you convert your traffic into leads and customers, you will earn revenue. You can try several strategies, but focusing on one works best. So get out there and get started!

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