Most Important thing to know SEO optimization

 Most Important thing to know SEO optimization

Most Important thing to know SEO Optimization

SEO optimization

SEO is not the most important thing, as long as people do what they are best at

Most Important thing to know SEO optimization

A client came to me and felt that the search ranking was not good enough and lost to a website weaker than her. They thought that their SEO was not good enough, there was a problem with the website structure, and the speed of the website was not fast enough. They wanted to find out where the website could be optimized.

In fact, this is not the first time that a client has asked me to optimize the website. Let’s not talk about how effective it will be to optimize the website again. Her judgment itself has many blind spots:

  • Is this weak website in her imagination really weak?

  •     Could this competitor have any effort behind it that she couldn't see?

  •     Does she have a way to obtain the other party's background traffic data to prove the strength of the website?

  •     SEO optimization, improving website speed... Can these things really affect search rankings?

In short, after fully understanding the needs she put forward, whether it is the premise or conclusion, it may be just her imagination. Since it's been a client for many years, I don't want her to spend money in the wrong direction, and the SEO-related needs won't be trivial. I would rather not accept such a demand first, but also guide her to correct her concept.

At least before making guesses, customers should have the basic ability to interpret the strength of a website, not just by feeling. The second step is to understand what is the principle of really effective search ranking.

Therefore, I decided to give the guest a good lesson to clarify whether her judgment is accurate, so as to confirm whether such SEO requirements are reasonable.

How to Judge the Strength of a Website

1. Evaluate your website

First, I asked the client to list the pros and cons of her website, because from a third-party perspective, I can quickly see what her website's signature highlights are, but I wonder if she can notice the biggest selling point of her website, What are the factors that bring the most traffic.

From the content of all the answers, in fact, she has done a lot of things, focusing on marketing, SEO efforts, and website optimization. It's very likely that her job is to optimize, so ignoring her own site's kanban stars is the most important thing.

2. Evaluate homogeneous Sites

Because I maintain a lot of Blogger websites, I can know the background information of all customers, and it is very easy to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the website and whether it is strong or not. That is to say, I have the standard answer in hand.

There is a kanban star on a homogenous website, that is, a beautiful woman who shows her face. She finally listed this point, which is the most important factor affecting traffic. It also made me think, is she just a kanban person who is humble and doesn't want to mention her family? Or she has other reasons, and she wants to build the website to win with content, not relying on appearance, it is also possible~

In fact, out of all the 4 homogeneous websites, only 2 showed their faces. As a result of evaluating the ranking of strength and weakness, she did not rank herself in the top 2, or even in the last one. I don’t know if she is too modest. In fact, her website traffic won the last. One double, but this also makes me unable to believe her judgment that "the competitor is weaker than her", maybe the opponent is stronger than the original.

Then I picked out 3 homogeneous websites and asked her to tell the advantages and disadvantages of these websites based on her own observations. There will be considerable accuracy in this assignment to see how well she judges her "competitors who are weaker than her".

3. Can improving website speed affect search ranking?

This client mentioned PageSpeed ​​too many times, and this time he wanted to improve the speed of his website. He said that his score on the web version was low, and the mobile version was very low... I always thought this was a waste of time, but many webmasters enjoy it, as if PageSpeed As soon as the score increases, the website ranking is expected.

Of course, we have to do what SEO should do, and I have written too many articles, such as "Why blogging is best to avoid third-party plug-ins", "Blogger's pictures are slimmed down! Officially provide secret techniques to convert into WebP format" to improve website speed The most important thing is to reduce http outreach and image slimming. As long as he does it, the PageSpeed ​​score doesn't matter at all, but many webmasters seem to have obsessive-compulsive disorder if they don't get 100 points.

This time, I specially found two articles for her on Google:

Page speed has nothing to do with SEO rankings? 3 Reasons You Should Stop Optimizing for Speed

Google actually confirms that page speed has nothing to do with ranking? Revisiting PageSpeed ​​and SEO

There are related speeches from Google's internal engineers in the article. Although she was shocked, she finally gave up the obsession with PageSpeed.

And the webmasters who have seen this article, congratulations on your relief.

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